Cómo completar una solicitud ante el USCIS por correo

Completar una solicitud ante el USCIS puede llevar mucho tiempo y generar confusiones.

If you chose to mail your application this can add another layer of stress. El proceso puede ser manejable si usted está preparado y se mantiene organizado. Use this guide for a smooth application and mailing process.  

What is the USCIS?  

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is an agency of the United States Department of Homeland Security that administers the country's naturalization and immigration system. USCIS carries out various immigration matters, including applications for work visas, asylum, and citizenship. Additionally, the agency is officially tasked with safeguarding national security, maintaining immigration case backlogs, and improving immigration process efficiency. 

USCIS Forms 

The USCIS website provides a list of forms for different types of applications, such as a green card, work permit, or citizenship. Make sure to select the correct form for your application and use the most recent edition of a form by downloading it directly from the USCIS website.  

Filling Out the Form 

Set aside time to go through the form you downloaded thoroughly. Read every question and answer each honestly and completely. USCIS can reject or deny an application if there is missing information; don't put your time and money at risk by leaving questions blank.  

Collect all the required documents and supporting evidence as listed on the form instructions. These may include identification documents, passport-style photos, proof of eligibility for the benefit sought, birth certificates, marriage certificates, and divorce documents. Be prepared to search for and collect these documents and do not file your application until everything is included in your application package. If you cannot locate a document, consider speaking with a law expert to see if you can include a letter of explanation for certain documents.  

In order for your application to be legible, use black ink and start a new form if you make any mistakes. USICS will not accept forms that have crossed- out information or white-out correction fluid. After you complete filling out a form, re-read it to make sure everything is filled including check boxes, date boxes, and signature boxes on every single page. USCIS will reject applications that are missing dates or signatures.  

Paying a USCIS Fee  

USCIS fees can be paid by check, money order, or credit card when you mail an application. Check the form instructions for the correct fee amount and payment instructions. If you send the wrong fee, USCIS will reject your application and you may not receive a refund.  

Use our guide to learn your options for paying a USCIS fee. If you need help to pay your fee, try OPA’s 1% interest loan


Paying by check or money order:  

  • Use the U.S. format for the date on the check: month/day/year.  
  • The check should be made out to “U.S. Department of Homeland Security” not “USDHS” or “DHS.”  
  • Write out the check in black ink and write out numbers clearly for the fee you are paying in the amount box of the check.  
  • Clearly write the exact amount of the fee in the amount line of the check, making sure you write the “cents” as a fraction over 100, so “00/100.”  
  • In the description line for the check write what the payment is for, such as "N-400 application fee," for example. You can also add your name in this description if the check is not coming from your own bank account.  
  • Make sure the check is signed. 


Use this USCIS check example to guide you:  

Image of a check with the correct way to write-in the check fields


Paying by credit card:  

Download, fill and sign Form G-1450, Authorization for Credit Card Transactions (PDF, 255.82 KB). When using Form G-1450, you may split the payment for one form across multiple credit or gift cards that add up the correct fee total. Complete one G-1450 form for each card you want to use. 

For your security, USCIS will destroy your Form G-1450 after processing it, regardless of whether they accept or reject your application, petition, or request. If USCIS rejects your filing, they will send you a notice explaining why and you will need to apply again and include a new Form G-1450 for payment. 

Mailing Your Package  

When you have all of your forms, documents and payment method completed, you need to assemble everything in the correct order to put into an envelope and mail to USCIS. Make copies of everything you will be mailing, make two sets of copies if possible, and keep these records safely stored in case you need to re-apply or resubmit any of the documents.   


To assemble your package, USCIS recommends the following order:  

  • Payment method (check or money order or Form G-1450 for credit card payment)  
  • Form G-1145, Request for e-Notification  
  • Form being filed  
  • Form supplements (if applicable) 
  • Supporting documents 

Do not use binders or folders that USCIS can't disassemble or heavy-duty staples. All forms and supporting documents submitted must be single-sided, standard 8½ x 11 letter-size pages. If you are sending more than one application in an envelope, clearly separate the cases with a rubber band.  


When addressing your package: 

  • Use the complete address provided on the USCIS website for the form you are filing or call the USCIS Contact Center at 1-800-375-5283 to get the correct mailing address for your application 
  • Mail your forms to the address listed on that form's webpage. You may submit your forms through the U.S. postal service, FedEx, DHL, or UPS 
  • Save a copy of your mailing payment receipt and any tracking number provided by the courier for your records and to allow you to verify the status of delivery 
  • If you mail your application to the wrong filing location, USCIS may reject it as improperly filed and return it to you to re-file 

After Mailing Your Package 

Expect to wait several weeks before you hear back from USCIS. Use your tracking number to make sure the package was received. After this, keep an eye on your mailbox and, if possible, register for a USCIS online account.  

USCIS will mail you a notice of receipt to confirm your application arrived and has all required documents and fees to be processed. In that notice you will be provided with a receipt number that you can use on your online account to track your application process. 

During this waiting period, all notices will be mailed to the address you provided in the application form. If you move, you must tell USCIS immediately or you risk missing notices and appointments which would cause your application to be rejected or denied. If this happens, you will have to apply and pay again.  


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