Cómo obtener una tarjeta de crédito

Obtener una tarjeta de crédito implica tener acceso a una línea de crédito renovable.

The account comes with a predetermined credit limit based on your “creditworthiness” or how a person or company is considered responsible to receive financial credit, often based on their ability to pay money back in the past. As long as your outstanding balance stays within that limit, you can continue using credit. 

Tener esa opción de pago adicional en su bolsillo tiene sus ventajas. For one, you'll have a safety net in case you face a short-term budget issue. 

To get a credit card, you typically need to follow these steps: 

  • Research and compare credit card options: There are numerous credit card issuers with different types of cards available. Look for one that suits your needs, such as a rewards card or a card with a low interest rate. 
  • Check your credit score: Most credit card issuers consider your creditworthiness when approving your application. Your credit score is an important factor in determining your eligibility. A higher credit score improves your chances of getting approved and may qualify you for better terms and benefits. 
  • Gather necessary documents: To apply for a credit card, you'll need to provide personal information such as your full name, date of birth, address, social security number (or equivalent), and employment details. Have these documents ready before applying. 
  • Choose a card and apply: Once you've researched and selected a credit card, you can apply online through the issuer's website or by visiting a local branch. Complete the application form accurately and submit it. 
  • Wait for approval: The credit card issuer will review your application, checking your credit history and other relevant factors. The approval process can take a few minutes to a few weeks, depending on the issuer. You may receive an instant decision or need to wait for a response by mail or email. 
  • Activate your card: If your application is approved, you'll receive the credit card by mail. Activate it by following the instructions provided, which usually involves calling a phone number or activating it online. 

Using a credit card: 

  • Credit limit: Each credit card has a predetermined credit limit, which is the maximum amount you can spend using the card. It's important to stay within this limit to avoid penalties and overspending. 
  • Making purchases: You can use your credit card to make purchases at physical stores, online retailers, or wherever credit cards are accepted. Present your card or enter the card details when making online purchases. 
  • Billing cycle: Credit cards operate on billing cycles, typically monthly. During this period, any purchases you make accumulate on your credit card balance. 
  • Monthly statement: At the end of each billing cycle, the credit card issuer will send you a statement outlining your purchases, payments, and the total amount owed. Review this statement carefully and ensure its accuracy. 
  • Minimum payment: Your credit card statement will specify a minimum payment amount, which is the minimum you must pay by the due date to avoid late fees. However, it's advisable to pay off the full balance to avoid interest charges. 
  • Interest and fees: If you carry a balance on your credit card from month to month, interest will be charged on the remaining balance. Credit cards may also have annual fees, late payment fees, and other charges. Familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of your credit card to understand these fees. 

Remember, responsible credit card usage involves paying bills on time, keeping your credit utilization low (below 30% is generally recommended), and using credit wisely to build a positive credit history. 


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