Degree Recertification in the U.S.

The process of degree recertification in the United States can be complex and vary from state to state.

Depending on the specific circumstances and requirements set by educational institutions or employers the process changes. In general, immigrants who wish to recertify their high school or college degrees to pursue further education or employment opportunities in the United States should follow these steps.

Research credential evaluation services: Start by researching reputable credential evaluation services in the US. These organizations specialize in assessing foreign educational credentials and determining their equivalency to US standards. Some well-known evaluation services include World Education Services (WES), Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE) and International Education Research Foundation (IERF). 

Gather required documents: The credential evaluation service will have a list of the specific documents they require for evaluation. Typically, you will need to provide original or certified copies of your academic transcripts, diplomas and any relevant supporting documentation such as course descriptions or syllabi. Some services may also require you to submit a copy of your passport or identification documents.

Submit application and fee: Complete the application form provided by the credential evaluation service and submit it along with the required documents. Be prepared to pay a fee, which can vary depending on the level of evaluation (high school, undergraduate, graduate) and the complexity of your educational background.

Wait for evaluation: Once you have submitted your application and payment, the evaluation service will review your documents and assess the equivalency of your foreign degree to the US educational system. The evaluation process typically takes several weeks or even months, depending on the workload of the service and the complexity of your credentials.

Receive evaluation report: Once the evaluation is complete, you will receive a report from the credential evaluation service. This report will outline the US equivalency of your educational credentials, including information about the level of study completed, GPA calculation and the name of the US educational equivalency.

Use evaluation report: The evaluation report can be used to demonstrate the equivalency of your foreign degree to US educational standards. You can provide this report to educational institutions when applying for admission or to employers when seeking employment. It helps them understand the value and legitimacy of your education.

While a credential evaluation report provides information about the equivalency of your degree, it does not guarantee admission to a specific educational institution or guarantee employment. Each institution or employer has its own admission or hiring criteria that you would need to meet in addition to having your degree recertified.

You should research the specific requirements of the educational institutions or employers you are interested in, to ensure you meet all their criteria and provide the necessary documentation. Additionally, consult with an immigration attorney or an educational advisor who can provide guidance tailored to your individual circumstances. 

Once you have your degrees recertified for the US, you can begin the process of searching for educational courses in the US to support your degree and knowledge. You can also apply to a college or university in the US to complete a degree and work in the field where your previous degree was obtained. 


The information provided on is intended for general informational purposes only. It should not be considered as professional advice or a substitute for seeking professional guidance.

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