Citizenship for All

Our Mission
One Percent for America (OPA) is a nonprofit building a community of Americans and future citizens all working toward the greater good of our country.

9 million. That’s the number of U.S. immigrants eligible to apply for citizenship each year. 8 million. That’s how many don’t apply. The #1 reason? Roughly $500-$1,200 in application fees. 

For those who can afford it, that’s a small price to pay. Those who can’t typically turn to high-interest credit cards or predatory lenders — and the burden of spiraling costs that often follows.

One Percent for America is an online platform that empowers every American, current and future, to remove the financial barriers to citizenship and its enormous promise. For families. For communities. For our nation. 

We’re committed to this work not just because we believe it’s better for our country, but because over two centuries of the American immigrant story have proven it is. From building cities to developing new technologies, manning the front lines to launching the small businesses that form the backbone of our communities, immigrants have always fueled our economy — and always will. 

By removing financial barriers to citizenship, One Percent for America gives future Americans three vital tools of empowerment: 

  • 1% interest loan for application fees 
  • free financial education on everything from building credit to financing a home or small business
  • dedicated community support
9 million
Immigrants eligible for citizenship
Do not apply for citizenship
Fees to become a US Citizen

Our nonprofit, affordable, web-based model empowers borrowers to start their citizenship journey today. It gives supporters a self-sustaining channel to lend, donate and share knowledge. It gives everyone a chance to do their part. And everyone benefits. 

One Percent for America is sponsored by BlueHub Capital, a national nonprofit community finance organization founded in 1985 to address the damage wrought by decades of predatory lending practices. BlueHub has vast experience as an innovative lender, providing expertise in the nonprofit lending space.

Together, we’re unified in our goals: 

Empower immigrants. Celebrate hard work. Accelerate our nation’s progress.

What We Do

One Percent for America provides financial assistance, education and community support. 

We accept loans and donations from supporters and loan applications from borrowers on a regular basis.

Loans for Citizenship Fees

OPA provides those seeking citizenship, DACA renewals, or TPS renewals with a loan at 1% interest to cover the application fees required by the US government.

  • Lawful Permanent Residents (LPRs/Green Card Holders)
  • DACA Recipients (Dreamers)
  • Temporary Protected Status (TPS)

* California residents are currently not eligible for a One Percent for America loan. Please check back as this will change soon.

  • No credit requirements
  • No application fees or late fees
  • Flexible repayment schedule

Your loan will have a one-year repayment term. 

Apply for a 1% loan to cover you for citizenship fees today.

Invest in a Path to Citizenship

OPA invites supporters from across the country to help remove financial barriers to citizenship by investing through a loan, donation or corporate sponsorship.


0% interest, 24-month loans


Online donations up to $2000.

(Donations over $2,000: Contact us at InvestOPA@onepercentforamerica.org)


Align your organization with a cause supported by 77% of Americans.

Contact us at InvestOPA@onepercentforamerica.org

Building a Community Supporting Future Americans

Borrowers. Lenders. Donors.

    We all have a role in building a community that supports future citizens. One Percent for America is a community based on affordable access to loans, dedicated support and free financial education. 

    Together, we are creating a community that makes citizenship more affordable and attainable.

    woman and child smiling
    We hold these truths

    We believe that when Americans support future citizens, our lives shine and so does our nation. That together, we can grow beyond a ME to a unified WE. That we’re better together and stronger as one. And that when we accept this as our best path to a positive future, we can create a community of inclusivity around citizenship.


    One Percent for America’s Advisors & Allies

    Network of Immigration Advocacy Organizations

    One Percent for America has relationships with advocacy organizations across the country that provide services directly to immigrants. These relationships will help us keep OPA closely connected to immigrant communities and provide the best support possible. Our close ties with advocacy groups will also ensure immigrants learn about us through organizations they trust.