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Our Mission

9 million immigrants are eligible for citizenship, yet 91% do not apply

Our mission is to finance pathways to US citizenship through straight-forward loans at 1% interest.

Our Mission

For Borrowers

Simple and fast loans for immigrants seeking citizenship. No application or penalty fees, no credit requirements, flexible payments.

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For Supporters

Help make citizenship a reality for millions of future Americans by donating or lending to OPA.

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The Guide:Pathways to Citizenship

How Does Supporting Citizenship Benefit All of Us?


Helping Make Citizenship a Reality


The Benefits of Achieving US Citizenship Sooner than Later


Costs Involved in the US Citizenship Application Process


5 Common Myths About Applying for US Citizenship


Options for Financing US Citizenship Application Fees


Citizenship Services Directory

A curated list of nonprofit national resources that support immigrants along the path to citizenship.

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Nonprofit programming, tools and hands on assistance to identify immigration status and prepare for application submission to USCIS

Nonprofit resources and directories that specialize in immigration and citizenship legal services

Providers and resources assisting with translation and passing the naturalization interview, and civics and English exams

Immigrants are required to pay $500 to $1,200 in citizenship application fees. Your financial support will help make citizenship more affordable for millions of future Americans. Donate today.

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