U.S. To Fall Behind Without Immigrants

Census data has confirmed that young Americans are not having as many children as their parents or grandparents did.

Economic data has also proven that wage-labor has remained somewhat stable, post-covid, thanks to immigrant workers. 

Yet, despite all the proof, the U.S. government has not updated the current immigration system that keeps eligible immigrants from coming to the U.S. to work, from obtaining their green card, or finalizing their naturalization. The prolonged waits and complicated process are causing immigrants to go to more welcoming nations, and more immigrants making this choice will hurt America in the coming century.  

As the U.S. Fertility Rate continues to decrease, it is important to find people who will fill in those spots for economic, social and community reasons, such as having enough employees, consumers, and even neighbors. 

Without immigration, the U.S. population will dangerously decline like other countries worldwide are experiencing in Japan, Spain or Hungary, for example. Those other countries are taking measures to combat their decrease in population.  

Neighboring Nations Welcome Immigrants 

In Canada, “population grew at the fastest pace since around the height of the baby boom, with immigration responsible for nearly all of that growth,” Bloomberg news reports.

Our Northern neighbors created an active recruiting effort since the pandemic to replace their country’s aging workforce, with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau going as far as welcoming over 1.3 million new permanent residents in the next three years.  

Here at home, all citizens may not agree in the “right” or “wrong” ways of immigration, but the majority agree that immigrants are needed. An NPR/Ipos poll found that, "a majority of Americans support a pathway to citizenship for certain groups of immigrants, including farmworkers, those deemed as essential workers and for immigrants brought to the U.S. as children.” Unfortunately, a lack of changes in immigration policy have made change unattainable.

The fact of the matter remains that without immigration change, and with other countries competing for immigrants, the U.S. may soon face greater population decreases which will affect the country’s economy and sociocultural fabric.  

“Despite the increasing demographic contribution of international migration to America’s future, Congress has been unable to pass clear and comprehensive immigration legislation. The U.S. government and its major political parties have politicized international migration to the detriment of America, its inhabitants and its legacy enshrined in the Statue of Liberty as a nation welcoming immigrants and refugees,” wrote Joseph Chamie, former director of the United Nations Population Division, for The Hill.

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