Path to citizenship

U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Resources

A list of free and low-cost resources available across the nation, online or in-person, to empower you along your path to citizenship

USCIS Application Assistance

Nonprofit programming, tools and hands on assistance to identify immigration status and prepare for application submission to USCIS

U.S. Citizenship
Online screening to help Identify your immigration path and eligibility whether you are seeking legal status DACA or citizenship
Free live online and in-person USCIS naturalization information sessions available to the public
Online screening to help determine if you are eligible to apply for citizenship
Organizations who can assist with application and legal advice for no cost or a low fee
Citizenship application preparation clinics and appointments provided by nation-wide nonprofit organizations and available to the public online or by phone
Toll-free hotline in six different languages and a list of organizations across the country available to provide in-person help
Toll-free hotline for questions regarding citizenship, (888) VE-Y-VOTA, open 8am to 8pm EDT Monday through Friday
501(c)3 nonprofit providing free online application preparation assistance with DACA immigration forms
Calculate the best time to submit your DACA renewal application to USCIS
Map of nation-wide organizations that assist with DACA eligibility, first time applications, and renewals
Remote monthly legal clinics held by the National Immigrant Justice Center to assist with DACA renewal
Preparation sessions and resources including videos for first time or renewal DACA applicants
National toll-free bilingual hotline to learn about applying for deferred action or to find a legal service provider near you, call: (844) 411-DACA
Assistance, Classes, and Events
Free online and in-person assistance (Citizenship application, fee waiver/reduction application) for permanent residents interested in applying for US citizenship.
Find recognized and accredited programs and free legal service providers anywhere in the country through the Department of Justice
Enter address or zip code to see a list of nonprofit legal aid organizations in your area
A list of free or low-cost nonprofit immigrant legal assistance searchable by zip code
Search for a private, fee-for-service immigration attorney near you who is part of the American Immigration Lawyers Association
List of 1,200+ community-based nonprofits and clinics that provide a range of supportive services including legal assistance

Test Preparation and Language Services

Providers and resources assisting with translation and passing the naturalization interview, and civics and English exams

USCIS test updates and multilingual civics and English test study materials
List of nonprofit providers across the US searchable by zip code, offering English and/or citizenship classes and services
Local English literacy programs, GED testing centers, immigration services, and courses in a range of topics including math, technology and career development
Free online courses available by phone or computer to prepare for the US citizenship test
Free online English and citizenship courses
Free word translation look-up for 18 languages
National directory of 7,000 individuals and organizations that provide fee-based translation and interpretation services
Interactive online citizenship course prepares permanent residents across the country for the civics test portion of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) naturalization interview