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Removing Financial Barriers to Citizenship.

Welcome to a community of lenders, borrowers, and supporters forging a brighter future for our country.
Our Mission

When immigrants thrive, we all thrive.

Our mission is to unite people across the United States to invest in a resilient, inclusive country. We collectively advocate to reduce the financial barriers to citizenship and provide resources and education for immigrants to thrive in all aspects of life in the U.S.
Get a 1% Loan for Your USCIS Fees
1% Interest loans are designed for immigrants seeking citizenship and plan to submit a paper application to the USCIS. The OPA loan has real-time approval and no late or hidden fees. No credit requirements.
Invest in America's Future
Help make citizenship a reality for millions of future Americans by donating or lending to OPA.

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OPA curates resources and education from nationwide providers for immigrants to succeed in their citizenship journey and in their U.S. life.

Find trusted information and assistance to manage the different aspects of the immigration process.


Tap into the tools and support to explore, develop and advance your career opportunities.


Get access to resources to help you establish your economic history, improve financial goals, and grow your wealth.