Checklist for Filing Your N-400 Form

You have your green card and are ready to start the U.S. Citizenship application process.

When applying for citizenship, you will need to complete USCIS Form N-400 and provide a list of required documents with your form.  Every person’s immigration story is unique. Your individual situation dictates which forms, fees and documents you will need to include with your citizenship application. We have created a checklist to help you gather and track the information you need to provide.

downloadable checklist
  • Decide Whether to Apply Online or by Mail
  • Submit Proof of Green Card
  • Decide if You Wish to Request Representation
  • Be Sure Past Unlawful Activity Doesn't Make You Ineligible
  • Calculate and Include Fee Payment
  • Determine if Your Situation Requires Additional Documentation 


Download Checklist 


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